Wednesday, October 22, 2014

V is for...Very Annoying

Day 22. Your Pet Peeves

There are a lot of things that annoy me. But, within that long list, there are things that mildly annoy me and things that make my eye twitch. Things that are mildly annoying, I usually get over the annoyance in a hot sec.

For example...

1. Duke making old man wet mouth the middle of the night. Dude, really...STOP LICKING YOUR LIPS.

2. People talking on their cell phones in public restrooms.

3. My dogs nails going clickty-clackety on the hard wood the middle of the damn night.

4. Harley meowing forlornly from under the guest bedroom when what she really wants is attention. If you want to be petted you are going to have to come out and be around the rest of the family, Wednesday Addams Jr.

5. The cats tossing their food outside of their dishes. Seriously, my cats are the messiest eaters ever.

6. Stepping barefoot in water slobber spots around the water bowl.

7. My mom and sister calling my cell phone and then my house phone and then sending a text...and then sending out a 911 search party.

8. The dogs having to get up and follow us around..even if we are coming right back to the same room.

9. People who post thinks on social media just for attention {ggguuuiilllttyyyy}

10. People who call me and when I try to call them right back they don't answer.

11. Screaming children in public places (I love kids and I'm very sympathetic to parents..but its still annoying)

But there are only a few things that I would consider true pet peeves. Things that annoy me so bad that I may or may not fantasize about murder.

1. People who do not pay attention to me when I am talking to them. Now, if we are together and there is a lull in the conversation then by all means...check your phone. I'm ok with that. But if I am actively in the middle of speaking to your face you better be making some serious eye contact with me. And if, while I am speaking, you interrupt our conversation I expect you to give me a signal that you are ready for me to get back to my unfinished thought.

Honestly, nothing annoys me more than to be stopped in the middle of a sentence and then that person doesn't bother to even come back around to what I was saying. It makes me feel very under-valued and I was wasting my time (and as an introvert, that shit sucks).

2. People who make mouth noises when they eat. I didn't even realize this was a pet peeve until I sat next to someone at work who always ate lunch at their desk. The noises they would make had me clinching my teeth. I tried to covertly record it once, because I wanted the husband to hear what was making me so crazy, but you couldn't hear anything over the normal office noises. It was actually very similar to Duke's wet mouth noises. I guess I can forgive him quicker because A: He's a freakin' DOG and B: I love him.

Helene in Between Blogtober

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  1. My best friend always calls me, and without fail, when I miss it and call him back, HE DOESN'T ANSWER. So annoying!!