Tuesday, October 21, 2014

U is for...USA to UK

Day 21. Dream Vacation 

In the past, when I thought of dream vacations I thought of beaches. Some fancy pants resort "right on the beach", "all-inclusive", with the ocean-side canopied beds or hammocks. But I've been to the beach...and it's nice...but not what I day dream about.

I dream about rolling hills of green and breath-taking cliffs that drop off into swirling waters. I dream about hairy coos and sheep. I dream about sky kissing Gothic churches and lonely castle ruins. I dream about cozy pubs and fishing villages. I dream about bustling cities that have old right next to the new, places that have more age on them than anywhere else I have ever been. I dream about history and legends, folk-lore and magic.

So, with all that being said, my dream vacation would be the UK. I want to see it all, from London to Edinburgh. I don't know how long something like that would take, but however long..that's what I want to do. I want to travel by car and train all over that island, to see and hear and taste it all!

I'm never going to get my dream vacation (not as its written here) but we are working towards possibly making some of it come true. We are saving for and tentatively planning a trip to London next year. Cross your fingers that we can make it happen!

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