Wednesday, October 15, 2014

N is for...Never gonna live it down

Day 14. Funniest memory from childhood

I have to be honest. Prompts like these are hard for me..I don't have a very good memory so things started getting very hazy as the years go on. I asked my sister what she thought, hoping maybe she would remember something I didn't. She came back with the exact memory I knew she would.

It's one of her favorites that she still liked to bring up.

A long time ago, when I was in junior high, we lived in these apartments. The stairs clung to the side of the buildings, with no roof, and then there was a landing that ran the length of the building to get to the two upstairs apartment doors, with a roof. One winter day it had apparently snowed..or sleeted..and then frozen over. The stairs were pretty treacherous and you had to be very careful traveling up and down them. Once we got up the stairs and to the landing, as my mom was trying to get the door unlocked, I decided I would do a little "ice skating" on the slicked over landing.

Oh, I thought I was so fancy as I glided across the thin sheet of ice. Pretending to do twirls, like I was Nancy Kerrigan herself (without the busted knee).

Until I wasn't gliding or twirling. My shoe snagged on something and I tumbled over and bonked my head on the ground. I wasn't hurt, actually I was laughing and so was my sister. She STILL laughs about it, even to this day.

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