Tuesday, October 28, 2014

4 Things I'm Superstitious About

Day 28. Things You're Superstitious about

4. I believe in 'Ojo'. I never really know anything about Ojo until a co-worker of mine kept touching my face. Anytime I would get a blemish she would touch it and tell me it was her fault because she had been talking about how pretty she thought I was. So, when I am admiring someones hair or nails, I try to touch them so I don't give them Ojo. And especially babies! Always, always touch the baby.

3. I knock on wood so I don't tempt fate.

2. I believe in burying money on New Year's Eve to "bury your poverty" and digging it up on New Year's day to "uncover your wealth".

1. Jeremy is training me (we train each other with many things) to keep the toilet seat down in the bathroom. Apparently, in the practice of Feng Shui, leaving it up lets your money go down the drain.

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