Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So..watcha' watching?

So much good TV going on right now!!

And I'm not even talking about football season starting.

Have any of y'all caught the new Outlander series on Starz? Please say yes! If not, then you need to get caught up. So good. I listened to the Outlander series a long time ago, but details are fuzzy now (because there are LOTS of details) so it's almost like discovering it all brand new. Jeremy seems to really enjoy it too. A lot of history thrown in, if you like that sort of thing.

Sleepy Hollow is about to be back on. It feels like this last break took forever. I might have to catch us back up with some reruns from last season.

Hell on Wheels is rolling right along. This is one of our favorite shows (as in, we actually watch this when it comes on...and DVR anything else that happens to be on at the same time). It's pretty nitty-gritty..and makes me glad for running water and paved roads.

I'm trying to get into the new season of Doctor Who. New season, new Doctor. It always takes time to adjust to a new Doctor. I think at this point I'm enjoying the Doctor more than the companion, so I wish they would hurry up with the Clara leaving business. I mean, who tells the Doctor that he is just a hobby? No one, you silly girl.

I'd just like to say here that I am very disappointed that Almost Human was cancelled after only one season. Not happy.

Criminal Minds is about to start again too. It's a long time watch for me after I binged on reruns one afternoon years ago.

SSSSSoooo...what are y'all watching? Any new shows I need to DVR? What's on your must watch list?!

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