Sunday, February 2, 2014

Once Upon A Time - #2014BloggerChallenge

This week's topic is suppose to be in singular..but that's not really how I roll. Anyone that knows me or that has followed this blog long enough knows that I am a romance reading junkie. I couldn't pick one single book to be my favorite if my life depending on it. So, instead I'm going to talk about a few of my favorite romance authors and their books.

[ONE] Kresley Cole

Her 'Immortals After Dark' series is 15 books in. I know, sounds like a lot! But when you create a fantasy world full of funny, sexy, strong, stubborn, ancient, magical's only fair to try and give each of them their own story. I'll admit I'm behind in this series. I get so emotionally involved that I get a little sad when I think about a series ending, so I stop reading..just so it never has to really be over. Not really rational, but that's how my brain works.

[TWO] Tara Janzen

Hot guys. Hot cars. Enough said. The first book I ever picked up by Tara Janzen was 'Crazy Sweet', the time..was the latest in her 'Steele Street' series. I always manage to do that, pick up the LAST/latest book of any given series. After reading it, I immediately devoured the books before and every book after. The gang from Steele Street have a very, very dear place in my heart. These are the only books I actually kept when I went digital with my first Kindle. They hold a place of honor on my bookcase.

[THREE] Jill Shalvis

Funny. Quirky. Heart twisting. Listen to me, people, you must..MUST..pick up a Jill Shalvis book. I don't even care which one or from which series. They are all good. Lighter reads then my normal fair, but they are so funny and sweet that I can't stop myself. A good place to start is her 'Lucky Harbor' series. Lucky Harbor is full of quirky characters that will make you laugh and WISH that they really did have a Facebook page. But, for real, I'm not kidding, any of her books..ANY OF THEM..are good. Oh, and speaking of Facebook really need to like Jill's page.

[FOUR] Lara Adrian

Did someone say sexy vampires? 'The Midnight Breed' series follows the stories of "Breed" warriors, super sexy alpha vampires. Lara has put one of the most interesting spins on the whole vampire story line, savage alien beings that crash landed on earth centuries ago. It's really a very clever way of re-telling vampire folk lore. Anyway, don't expect any sparkling skin or teenage angst. These guys would kick Edward Cullen's ass all the way back to Washington.

[FIVE] Pamela Clare

I started with Pamela's 'I-Team' series. Romantic suspense, based around a team of investigative reporters in Denver, Colorado. Her stories get your blood pumping, action packed and smoking hot. But don't stop with the 'I-Team' books because she writes historical romance as well. The 'MacKinnon's Rangers' series is about three, loyal, smart, strong. Hold on, I have to fan myself just thinking about them. I dare you to read the books and try and pick a favorite MacKinnon brother. Double dog dare you. Pamela's fans are also very vocal and active on both the 'I-Team' group and 'Camp Followers' group on facebook. She hosts book discussions and polls..and there may or may not be eye candy shared.

So, there you go. Five of my favorite romance authors. Please check them out and pick up a book or two or a fifty. Just read. Honestly, just pick up a book...any book..and read. Authors pour a little bit of their souls into every book. There is no better way to pass an afternoon than by reading their books.

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  1. I found it hard to pick just one book, so I picked 5, I could have picked forever! I'm off to research the authors you listed now!

    Roxanne @ Simply Roxilicious!