Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday - Little Known Facts Edition




I like to sleep on my side with the blanket pulled up over my ears. NOT my face. I sort of wrap my head up like an old Russian lady. It helps muffle any noise in the room. We let all our animals sleep in the room with us and the dogs sometimes are licking or scratching, or the cats are grooming themselves. In a quiet room...its just too much sometimes. And I know some of y'all are reading this and thinking EAR PLUGS..hello?! But I don't want to be totally deaf! I want to be able to hear without having to hear. Makes sense in my little world.



I hate hanging up laundry. I can fold all day long. Folding is ok. But there is something about having to wrestle hangers out of the closet and then wrestle to get everything back in the close. It might have something to do with the fact that our closet is the size of a postage stamp. It also might have something to do with the fact that its stuffed full of stuff. And/or it could be that I'm a shorty and getting clothes hung back up on my husband side (which is higher than my side) is plan hard.

This is really my closet. And only half of it is mine.

I don't like beer. I've never been able to drink it. And I HAVE tried. Trust me, I'd love to be able to just drink beer. It's's every's cheaper! LOL. But I just can't do it. Jeremy is a bit of an enthusiast and I try and make an effort to at least sample the beers he brings home. But it's just not in the cards for me.



I have a ssslllliiggghhhtttt aversion to cockroaches. Ok, ok..I HATE them! They disgust and terrify me! I'm including this as a little known fact..not because people don't already know that I don't like roaches but because I don't think they understand the depth of my aversion until they are with me and a cockroach at the same time. Just ask my sister. And I'm not including a nasty picture of that nasty bug. You'll just have to use your imagination.


I have no known allergies. No food allergies, no medicine allergies. I might be slightly allergic to dust or cedar or rag weed or what have you..because really who isn't?! But I don't have any 'This will KILL you' allergies.

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