Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What's been going on?

Well, nothing really. A whole lot of nothing. Not that I'm complaining. Not even a little bit. After the whirlwind that was December, I'll take uneventful any day {for now}. Really, we've just been trying to get back to a normal routing. Work, dinner, workouts, dog walks. It's been really hard, for some reason.

I'm bored out of my mind at work right now, when before the new year my days were zipping by. I think it's the lack of direction. I don't need much, I'm very good at working on my own..but radio silence doesn't sit well with me.

I snapped an Instagram picture this morning of my newly acquired muffin top. Apparently, it's what I gave myself for Christmas...lucky me. No gift receipt so I can't return it and I'm already wearing it..so....Let's just say I'm well within my pre-set "Danger Zone" on the scale and it's time to buckle down and get it off before it starts to think I'm keeping it for good.

I'm having to be very deliberate in my eating, once again. Things that were habit more or less have fallen away to make room for nasty old habits. Such as eating two servings at dinner and ice cream..every.single.night. I'm having to think about dinner WAY before dinner time to prepare myself mentally for only eating what my body needs me to.

Going to the gym seems to be SO HARD. I'm tired. All the time. Probably from not going to the gym. Crazy how that works. We went tonight and things that had been so easy for me were kicking my butt. Honestly, I could barely finish and had to half-ass stuff...but I DID do it. Which is better than NOT doing it at all {I keep telling myself}, so there is that.

I hate to look like I'm jumping on the New Year's Resolution bandwagon, because I'm really not. These are all things that I use to be doing..quite frequently..and with little thought. It's just so hard to get back on schedule once you allow yourself off the hook...and for as long as I did. So just don't do it y'all! Stay strong! Say no to the muffin top.

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  1. I'm bored at work too. Hope to shake things up this semester. If we can ever start. I'm not able to get into a routine because we keep having snow days. Someday....

    Anyway, this reminded me of the time that I told my doctor that I eat ice cream every night just as my mom, grandma, and great grandma did. And he said I was an innocent in the wind who didn't know any better. It was a strange moment. :)