Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Why on earth did this week take so stinkin' long to be over?! And that was with leaving work early twice! Ugh! So very thankful it's Friday. Work is over. I'm already in my PJ's {don't judge don't know my life}. I'm fixing to crack open a bottle of wine. But first..its time for five on Friday.

{1} They are putting a new roof on the building that I work in. That's great and all, but between all the banging around and the smell of industrial strength adhesive..I was having a hard time focusing. Plus they have been blocking the way Jeremy usually takes to drop me off in the mornings for nearly a month now. It's just annoying, really. #firstworldproblems

{2} We had family pictures taken with our two dogs last night. I'm going to blog more about that tomorrow and share the sneak peek from the photographer. But, here is Lola doing a test run before the big day.

{3} Jeremy: 'Do you want to watching another Sherlock tonight? I need to feel like I've talked to someone intelligent today. Other than you, of course.'
       Me: 'Of course.'

We have one more episode to go before we are all caught up. New episodes are starting THIS SUNDAY..or so says the Twitter-verse. I'll be watching..will you?

{4} Some Friday listening:

"You're my headstart, you're my rugged heart; You're the pulse that I've always needed"

{5} I've been trying to be much more mindful this year. It's amazing what little things you can do for others that don't take much time or much money (no more than a cup of coffee or a dinner out) when you just put your heart to it. What have you been trying to be more mindful of this year?

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  1. {Visiting from the link up ;)} Your lit'l Lola is waaaay too cute!! I'm sure the pics will come out great! :) ... Have a fabulous weekend!!

  2. Hi from the linkup, lovely lady. AAAANDDDD I SEE A PUP IN PEARLS. YES. ABSOLUTELY. In love. Our fur baby had pearls to wear on our wedding day...even if she didn't make it to the event. She was fancy holding down the fort at home! ;)
    Hope you had a fabulous weekend! xx