Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nothing like your toes in the sand

We are back from our first family vacation. This was the first time my mom, sister, husband, and I have gone to a destination without any other family there. Or for some family event. It was just us..going some place different...for fun.
And it was fun!
A lot of driving, but fun!
Mom singing oldies on the long, long drive.
My sisters flight was suppose to be in by 6:15 but it didn't end up taking off from Dallas under 6:50. We found a way to pass the time.
We visited Sea Turtle Inc. They rehabilitate injured sea turtles and return them to the ocean, if they are able. Turtles are really cute..even when they are huge.
And we spent a lot of time on the beach and at the hotel pool.
We went to a sand sculpture competition at Clayton's Bar. That place is a hub of activity. There was a DJ and tons of people and bouncy houses. We went early so we grabbed a table pretty easy.
It was such a great time. Exhausting (as only vacations can be) and relaxing. Good company, good laughs, and perfect weather. We are already planning next years trip.


  1. Looks like y'all had a great time!! The face sand sculpture is amazing!!