Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey's my birthday!


Today has been a great day so far! My mom and my husband had flowers delivered to work. And when I walked into the house this afternoon there were more flowers on the coffee table from my in-laws. My friend brought me a red velvet cake AND wine. My sister called this morning and left a super sweet birthday voicemail.

AAAhhhh..this girl feels super loved!

SO..for my birthday and this blog's birthday I decided to do a blog re-design. I've never hired anyone for a blog makeover before but it couldn't have been a better experience. Listen, if you ever need anyone to help you spruce up your must check out JT Designs. Her prices are easy on the wallet, she is super easy to work with, and HELLO!! Look at my blog!!!! Doesn't it look great?!! I couldn't be more pleased with the new design.


  1. Happy Birthday, again!! :)

    And yaaay I love your new design! Isn't Jana the best to work with?