Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happiness is..

1. Our Love Cottage. We've been in this little house, our "starter home", for nearly ten years now. It's not where I expected to live for so long and I do sometimes yearn for more. But, over all of these years I have fallen in love with this house over and over again. It is ours and it is home.
2. Freshly painted toenails. Seeing my toes with a pretty shiny new coat of color makes me very happy.
3. Coffee. Period.
4. Cute shoes. This sort of goes hand and hand with my cute toes. Cute sandals showing off my cute painted toes makes me happy. It's the simple things, people.
6. Jeremy. He is the starfish to my sponge. The thunder to my lightening. The buzz to my bomb.
7. A good romance novel. There is just nothing like a good story that makes me sad...and mad..and makes my heart ache and my gut drop..and makes me laugh and smile and have hope. I <3 4-ever.="" endings="" happy="" p="">
8. My faith. For someone that doesn't go to church, I have a whole lot of it..faith, that is. I'm always learning and growing in my faith. It brings me a lot of comfort and renews me all the time.
9. Pictures of animals. Mine or otherwise. My fur babies bring me so much joy. They are the soul in this house. But I really enjoy animals, in general. Being around them makes me happy.
10. My family. They are the foundation of everything I am.

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  1. Coffee and shoes. Best. Things. Ever.

    P.S. I've never told anyone this before, but I used to have a severe shoe obsession. I owned well over 100 pairs. Ohhhhh...how I miss them all!