Friday, April 5, 2013

I smell a rat

Do y'all remember this post?
Even though I had been reassured that we did not have a rat problem, we would still hear the occasional scurrying in the ceiling and walls. I tried not to worry about it too much. Easier said than done. I am a world class worrier.
Fast forward to last month while Jeremy was home sick.
He sends me a text:
"If I send you a picture do you promise me that you will not freak out"
What kind of text is that?!!! I am a woman. We are born with the 'freak out' gene.
I respond back, "I can't promise anything" and then "Please don't scare me" and then "UUhhhhh"...because was was not responding back!
Then I get this...

Jeremy: "I rescued this little guy from Harley and Lola."

"It's ok. It was only one. Don't freak out."

Me: "In the house?!?!?"

Jeremy: "Yes. It might have got in from the back door."

Me: "ew ew ew"

Jeremy: "It's ok. He was cute."

Me: "No Jeremy, that's yuck. What did you do with him?"

Jeremy: "I let him go out in the alley"

I'm thinking that is not NEARLY far enough way from my house.

Me: "I'm not freaking out but I can't say I'm hunky dory with it"

Jeremy: "It was just one, might have wandered in here by accident".

The next day Jeremy went back to work. And when I got home from work that day (I beat Jeremy home by a few hours) what was Harley chasing all over the house. A MOUSE! I freaked out. I'm a city girl, I have no skills to deal with this sort of situation. One of the reasons I got married is so I didn't HAVE to deal with this sort of situation.  Using a broom I was able to herd the stupid thing into the guest room and shut the door and promptly texted my husband.

Me: "There is a mouse closed in the guest room....but I think its dying"

"No telling how long Harley was messing with it"

Jeremy: "Ok, I'll be home real soon"

My night in shining armour.

When he got home, he collected the mouse in the cup again. I made him get back in his car and drive the thing down the street and around the corner to be let go in an open field by a creek. Time for that critter to find some new stompin' grounds.

Thankfully, we haven't heard any more scurrying noises since then. Mystery solved.


  1. Your not leaving anything out are you??? :o)

  2. Oooooooh no! We had some mice in our garage and it has taken away all sense of security for me. I'm obsessed with mouse hunting though nothing has turned up. You're a better woman than I. I would not have been able to herd it anywhere! Glad it was only one :)

  3. In our old house, we had no issues with any rodents until they started gutting and renovating a building on our block. Then, we saw one mouse...then another...then another...then a whole bunch! They all moved into our place to escape the demolition of the other building! Argh! We moved out. Haha!

    Your situation could easily be a fluke. This is the time of year when they start to show up and make noises and stuff. Hang in there! If you see another one, though...I think it may be time to either set out traps or call in an exterminator.