Monday, March 18, 2013

Someone forgot to turn on the 'No Vacancy' light

Our back door has a bad habit of popping open if you don't close it just right. Usually it's not an issue because both us are aware of the problem and make sure the door is closed snugly (even though we have still had some oopsies). My sister was over did see the picture of her adorable dog, right? And that evening she was the last person to let the dogs in from their potty break. I didn't think anything of it, not once thinking to check the back door before locking up and going to bed.

At about 1:45 this morning I woke up. Just woke up from a dead sleep, for no reason. And the thought instantly came to my mind, 'My sister was the last person to close the back door'. I got up and walked across the hallway to check and sure enough, our back door is wide open. I flipped on the porch light and stuck my head outside. Otto was sitting out there, just hanging out. And when he saw me he did that 'huge eye, slinky, I know I'm in trouble' thing and hurried back inside. I did a quick head count of all the animals and once I was sure everyone was inside {and the door was closed securely}, I went back to bed.

Fast forward to 5:30 this morning when the alarm went off. Jeremy and I went about our normal morning routine. He was in and out of the kitchen, making coffee, feeding animals, giving shots. I got in the shower. I'm trying to wake up under the warm water and I hear Jeremy say, 'There is a CAT in our house...that isn't OURS! How the hell did it get in here?'

I hollered from the shower that the back door had been open last night. After I was showered and dressed I asked Jeremy where he found the cat. He said he was getting the milk from the fridge and noticed Otto freeze on his way into the kitchen, flatten his ears, and lower himself close to the ground. Jeremy followed Otto's stare and was trying to figure out what he had spotted...when from the top of our fridge he saw a pair of cat eyes and ears appear from behind my lunch bag. Jeremy says the cat looked at him and he looked at it, then reached out and scratched it on the head.

I swear, only in my house!

So, Jeremy opened the side door out to our carport that is right there by the fridge. The cat got up and moved to the edge of the fridge but was too afraid to jump down, typical cat. Jeremy, being the brave animal lover that he is, reached up and gently helped the cat down from the fridge and the cat went out the door on his merry way. Jeremy says the poor thing obviously belongs to someone and looked very confused about spending the night at a house that was not his.

I'm starting to think there is some neon sign pointing animals to our house.