Thursday, January 10, 2013

I thought I was going to get lucky

I had my fair share of dental stuff done when I was young. I had most of my baby teeth pulled {not all at once} because they didn't come out fast enough by themselves. I had braces and headgear. I had a retainer.

All of that.

So far, in my adult life, I've been very lucky in the teeth department {knocking on wood}. No cavities or root canals. The only thing that I had to keep an eye on were my wisdom teeth, which came in. My dental hygienist would always remind me to try my best to keep all of that clean back there.

And I hadn't had any issues.

Until about two weeks ago.

{que dramatic music} dun dun DDDDUUUNNN!!!

It started with sore gums. But when it didn't go away I started getting concerned. Infections are not anything that you want to mess around with so, just in case, I went to the dentist. Good news is there is no infection. Bad news is my wisdom teeth need to come out.

I am just slightly terrified.

I might have been a little teary eyed on the car ride home. I KNOW it's ridiculous but I can't help it. Dental work makes me nervous.

The appointment to see the oral surgeon is next week. Hopefully the surgery itself will be quickly scheduled after that. Because if I have to wait another two/three weeks they might be chasing me down as I head for the border.

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