Sunday, December 9, 2012

Update Randomness

I think I've had the busiest two weeks Honestly, I haven't had a moment to breath since Thanksgiving. I blame a little of it on the time change. Does anyone else have trouble leaving your house to run errands after it gets dark? Please tell me its not just me. The fact that its pitch black by 6:00 really has me feeling frantic to get off work and GET ALL THE STUFF DONE before the sun goes down. Which is crazy.

The husband and I, Thanksgiving

Plus, we've been working OT at work because of the Holidays. Great for my paycheck...not so good for the whole not leaving my house after dark issue. And even AT work, things have been a little hectic. I recently moved desks and so I'm getting use to a new supervisor and co-workers (every group dynamic is a little different). There have been meetings and events that we don't normally have to contend with. It's all really good stuff, so no worries, just takes a lot of time and makes the usual work day seem a little more busy. Last weekend, I worked all day Saturday and forgot to tell my supervisor to add it to my time card. So, it wasn't on my paycheck this week. DOH! But, it will be on my next check..if I don't get something sooner.

My cousin, Sonya, came for a quick visit. She lives in Florida so we don't get to see her too often, but it's always great when we do. She and I cooked dinner for our Grandma and the three of us had a fun night of drinking wine and visiting.

Cooking at Grandmas
Last Thursday, we pulled into our carport after a late work day to find Lola watching us from the back gate. Jeremy accidentally left her outside that morning and she had been in the back yard all day long. I'm glad our dead-beat neighbors and their dogs have disappeared so she didn't have to deal with those mean ol' dogs. The weather was mild, luckily, and she was probably fine hanging out on our covered porch but she was awfully thirsty and totally pooped that evening.

This weekend my Mom and I went to Dallas to see my sister AND so I could surprise my bestie, Jonessa, for her birthday. She had no idea I was coming but I worked it out with her husband. I called her as I walked up the sidewalk to her house.

Me: Happy birthday!
Jonessa: Thank you.
Me: So..what are you doing today?
Jonessa: Oh, just baking with my sister. How about you?
Me: Well, I got you something very special for your birthday.
Jonessa: You did?
Me: Yes, you need to come check your front porch.
Jonessa: ARE YOU HERE?!
Me: *laughing* I don't know..come to your front door.

At that point she opened her front door and declared it the best.birthday.ever.

After spending the day with her and her sisters and her sweet baby boy I headed back to my sisters for dinner and the Chinese Lantern Festival being put on at the Dallas Fair Grounds. It was a pretty impressive display and I enjoyed reading the background info on each display.


So....that's what I've been up to lately. A whole lot of really great stuff!!! I'm behind on my Christmas shopping and I don't have any gifts under the tree at the moment. I'm not going to get around to sending out Christmas cards and I'll be lucky if we get lights up on the house before Christmas eve. My floors need to be vacuumed and my husband is nursing some pretty nasty allergies right now which are making him feel yucky. And don't EVEN get me started on my diet and fitness..or lack there of.

BUT!!! Even with all that..and the hectic day to day that has been my reality is good. Crazy good.


  1. Sounds crazy busy but good! I am the same way about doing things after work when its already dark. I can't find the energy to do it!

  2. I love love love your random posts.
    probably because it's 100% how my brain works too :-)