Sunday, October 21, 2012

The battle of the belly bulge.

Jeremy and I have both been slacking. With our fitness. We've been self-indulgent for a good long time now...eating whatever we want, drinking whatever we want, and going to the gym whenever we want which is almost never.

He sent me this picture, which got us talking about our fitness goals :

Him: I need to start working on that six pack.
Me: Ha ha! I want a six pack too.
Me: Sooo, we're going to the gym right?
Me: Yes
Me: We
Me: Are
 {which we didn' the way}
Him: You know if we want to get into that good of shape we're gonna have to get into some hardcore training and dieting. Like seven days a week.
Me: I know! *groan*
Him: Well, maybe we should quit playing around.
Me: which case, I need some more workout clothes.
 {which I haven't bought the way}

I know I have heard and read that getting defined abs..or muscles, in general, is not all about what you do in the gym. A lot of it is what you eat. I know my cousin, Natalie, {the little fitness instructor/energizer bunny} and my cousin friend, Josie, are big on eating clean.

I've talked about this. I've looked into it. I've window shopped at the grocery store. But it comes down to..I don't want to eat a bunch of beans and tofu!! And I'm not really seeing any other way of "eating clean". My husband works hard all day...I can't make him a bean salad for dinner!  So, we are meat eaters. Anyone have any great healthy recipes with MEAT (we eat a lot of chicken..some fish..and some ground beef (or turkey)..but mostly chicken).

Maybe my unwillingness to eat bean sprouts means we are doomed to have jiggly bellies. But I can still dream, right? At least???

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  1. Check if you haven't yet... they do have vegetarian recipes, but they also have a lot with chicken, fish, etc. (Even beef and BISON!) I've subscribed to the mag for a few years. Really good stuff out of there!