Monday, October 29, 2012


Gosh. I know I am letting time just slip on by without really posting and I'm sorry about that. For the last several weeks we've been dealing with deadbeat neighbors. They keep letting their dogs run all over the street. The big dogs aren't friendly and the small dogs chase cars. Considering I'm use to walking home after work every day and taking our dogs for walks just about every day, having loose dogs on our street every day..put a big kink in our usual routine. I had to start hitching a ride with a co-worker to get home. We had to start loading the dogs up and taking them to the park to get their walks in (not that our dogs minded, they love the park).

One of the big dogs actually jumped over our four feet chain link fence. It was in our yard when Jeremy opened the back door to let Lola out. When he want out to try and herd the dog to the back gate, the dog became very aggressive..barking and lunging at Jeremy. The neighbor had to come over and into our yard to get the dog.

We called animal control...several, several times.

One of the little dogs that likes to chase cars, when the neighbors where outside in the carport and let the dog chase the cars, was hit and killed two houses down from his home. We knew it was bound to happen if they didn't start containing the dogs, but it was still a very hard thing to witness.

ANYWAY, that's just the craziness we've been dealing with around here. It sort of consumed everything for a little bit.

And then Jeremy caught this awful stomach bug that seems to be going around. He was bed ridden for a solid day feeling like death, unable to keep any food down. He's all better now, but he was down and out for two days.

But, there has been some great things going on too!

Like some of this:
My cute pumpkin

And some of this:

Cupcakes from our sweet neighbors across the street.

And a little of this:
A little window shopping. I am in LOVE with this jacket.
And a lot of this:
Bingo stole my heart.
Two adorable cockers for adoption.
Oh, aaannnddd we've watched a few movies:
1. Prometheus - Not overly scary but weird.
2. Man on a Ledge - Very good movie, two thumbs up.
3. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Highly entertaining.


  1. Love the jacket on you! Looks sharp! Sorry to hear your neighbors are being so difficult. Hopefully there is a solution in the near future!

  2. That is awful about your neighbors and those poor animals! And poor y'all of course. I hope something gets done soon.

    and that jacket is FABULOUS on you!