Thursday, April 19, 2012

Make It Stop!

This wonderful spring weather has brought with it the WORST case of allergies ever to the Just Jinny household. I don't normally even suffer from seasonal allergies and my eyes have been burning on and off for the last two weeks. Jeremy has been doing that 'clearing the back throat' cough/choke.

And the dogs. The dogs are both so itchy. A few weeks ago I mentioned Lola was shaking her head like her ear was bothering her. Turns out she had a sinus infection...from allergies. First time that has ever happened (hopefully the ONLY time..please, God). She has been doing her butt dance/fish flop because she can't reach her back to scratch any other way. And Duke has been chewing on the middle of the night..which is keeping me awake.

I've been trying to do my part, stepping up the sweeping and vacuuming to keep the dirt and pollen in the house to a minimum. I've been keeping both the dogs on allergy meds (and Duke has never needed them before) and trying to bath them at least once a week with hypo-allergenic shampoo.


It's exhausting. And slightly stressful.

I just wish that whatever is in the air that is bothering ALL of us would just move right along.

So tell your animals suffer from seasonal allergies? How do y'all relieve their symptoms short of taking them to the vet for shots?

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  1. I had a White West Highland Terrior that was allergic to the Christmas Tree - mold spores. They bother me too. I feel your pain on the Spring allergies. They are miserable. Tree pollen is worse and I hope is moving along in Virginia.