Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dear Husband...

Today is our wedding anniversary. Today you've been married to me for twelve years {and you've survived so far..Congratulations!}.

I have a hard time believing its been so long because it doesn't feel like it. Didn't we just get married yesterday? Weren't we just teenagers a moment ago? At the same time, I have a hard time remembering my life before you. It's as if we have always been together.

Our life together has had such a natural ebb and flow that I can only call it fated. We simply were meant to be. I love that we can practically read each others minds {Get out of my head!}. And yet I love it even more when I surprise you with my mad information retaining skills {You had no idea your wife knew so much about Whiskey and corn, did ya?}.

I love that we can make stupid references and the other one totally gets it {Lavate las manos!}.  I love that we can spend hours ranting and raving about politics and religion to each other. I love that we both understand the need to help others...even if we do it in different ways {My way usually involves running my mouth}.

I love that you are the nice against my mean..because I can be really mean and you can make me step back and look at it again with nicer eyes. I love that we can usually solve any rotten day with a hug. And I love that you let me cry..because I cry a lot and you could get really tired of it and tell me to just man up..but you don't.

I love that you call me 'woman' and that I can call you 'lover'. I love that you let me be myself, no matter how silly, crazy, moody, wishy-washy, or opinionated that might be. And I love that you know I want you to always be yourself with me.

Mostly I love you because you love me.

Thank you for that.

Your very cute..ever loving wife,

*This is my 1000th post for my blog. I wanted to dedicate it to my times his love, support, and encouragement have been the only thing that kept me going.*


  1. Aww Congrats! Happy Anniversary.
    This post made me teary eyed, cause it reminds me of me and Rob <3
    Have a great day!