Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

We watched Dolly for a few hours last night. It was the first time she stayed at our house without my in-laws being there (my MIL called an hour later to check on think she might have been more worried about us than about Dolly).

She didn't waste one moment making herself right at home. She brought out all her babies that she brought with her. She tried desperately to make friends with Lil'Mama who just kept running away. "See..she wuns away ebery time". She had no problems making friends with Squeak because Squeak does not run..for anything, ever. She sat next to Squeak, petting him and she says "I wish I had a kitty that would sit with me just like this".

She had fun finding things that my magnetic Weight Watchers hunger monster would stick to in the kitchen, while I made dinner. When I sat her down at the table to eat she reminded me that we hadn't said grace.

She is OBSESSED with playing zombies. Usually the zombies are stuck in the drain, being held there by a ribbon. Don't ask me how she comes up with this stuff.

We played with her Wizard of Oz toys.

We played tickle monster.

We snuggled in bed in our Pajamas (I called them PJ's and Dolly asks 'What is PJ's'). She was pretty excited to have Lola up in bed with us. We watched a little of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'. She asked me a million and one questions. What are they doing? Who is that? What are they eating? Why are his fingers hairy? Why is he green? Why are they singing? Is he mean? Is that his dog? Why is he dressed like Santa? Is she sad? Is she still sad?

She was a little upset when my in-laws came to get her before the movie was over, but we promised it would be on again. She did NOT want to leave the sock monkey behind. And she said next time she wanted to stay for a 'weely long time'.

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