Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wall Revamp

I've been wanting to do something with my large living room wall for a while now. It was looking a little empty and sad.

But, with the help of Pinterest I was inspired to try something like this.

I waiting for Micheal's to have a really great sale on all of their frames and went to town. All of these frames were 40 to 50% off plus I had a 25% off coupon.

The idea of hammering a bunch of new holes in my wall was daunting. I was a little nervous, but my Facebook buddies encouraged me on. I took down everything hanging on the wall and decided what I wanted to keep or get rid of. Then I took my new frames and organized everything on the floor first.

This was an important step. I was able to sit and stare at it, move them around, send a picture to my sister for her opinion. All I got from her was 'I don't see a picture of me'. No help, Seester.

Then I took a roll of old wrapping paper and cut out templates of all the frames, also marking where the nail would need to be placed. This is also a very important, and slightly time consuming step. But DO IT anyway. I used my cutouts to arrange the layout up on my wall. See, no new holes yet.

Again, I was able to sit back and just stare at it. Decide if I really liked it or if it felt off balance. I did end up moving a few of them around. And once Jeremy got home I gave him a hammer and told him to get to work. All he had to do was hammer the nail through the nail hole on the paper. Then I ripped down the paper and hung the pictures.

Some of the frames still have the generic happy family photos in them. And that's a blank canvas on the far right. But I figured getting it all hung up was more important than actually filling the frames. I'll get to that, eventually.

Here is my "holiday" wall:


  1. It came out awesome!! I'm so nervous to try a wall like that too but I will definitely take your advice on laying it out first.

  2. Aww i love this, it looks so good! I did something similar in my bedroom last ngiht, lots of photos in different frames, and I put a blackboard amongst them too so I can write little messages on my wall if I feel like it :)

    Lovely post, thanks for sharing! xx