Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm thankful for luck

Friday, after work, I started on our overflowing laundry basket of dirty clothes. Jeremy often wonders how two people can accumulate so much laundry. I think it multiplies in the hamper. Anyway, the first load was washed and I threw it in the dryer..which is outside in our carport. When Jeremy got home from work he walked in and asked what that loud banging noise was. I didn't hear anything since I was in the house but as soon as you opened the door to the carport you heard a loud thumping coming from the dryer. So Jeremy took a peek and didn't see anything amiss and started it again. The thumping continued but we didn't think anything of it.

When the dryer cycle was done I went out to take that load out and put another load in. After all the clothes were out I found the cause of the mystery thumping. Jeremy's work knife. It's sharp, really sharp. It must have been in a pocket. I'm a bad wife and didn't even check before throwing the clothes in the wash. I loaded the next round of clothes in the dryer and wondering back inside.

"Look what I found in the dryer", I say as I hold the knife up.

"Where is my blade?" Jeremy says.

I look into the laundry basket full of freshly dried clothes. A pile of clothes that I had just mindlessly grabbed from out of the machine. A pile of clothes that might possibly have a loose blade hiding in it. I dumped the clothes out on the bed and carefully sorted them. No blade.

That means the blade is still in the dryer. Possibly shredding the next load of laundry to ribbons. When I went to check the dryer..I found all my clothes were in tact. Thank goodness. And the blade? It was harmlessly crammed into the crevice between the dryer bin paddle and the bin wall {Y'all know what I'm talking about? I don't know if they have official names}.

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