Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birfdayz to MMEEEE!!!

Hey youz people in this little box thingy!! Iz here to tell youz very important newz...ok? Ready?
Today iz my birfday. I iz 5 whole yearz old. That is SO old y'allz.

 Iz just kidding! I am still super cutez and super fabulous.

Mom thoughtz she would embrass me by bring outz those baby picturez, but I was ssssoooo cute when I waz a puppy. I waz BORN cute, peoplez!

See. Totally cutezzzzzz! It's no wonderz why Mom and Dad could't resist bringing me home.

Iz gonna spend the day doing what all superz fabulous Diva Doggies do...lolling. I betz I get tons of belly rubs.