Saturday, October 8, 2011

When the shopping is good..'s real good! I feel like I bought a lot of stuff today but I don't even feel guilty because I was finding such great deals. First stop was the local Salvation Army Family Store. There was a wicker chair that wanted to come home with me but I left it there. Instead I bought a cardigan (Worthington) for $3.24.

Then I hit the mall. I had a gift card for a free pair of VS hiphugger panties that I couldn't let expire. While I was there I poked around JC Penneys which is having a huge sale this weekend. I bought a v-neck t-shirt for $3.60, a double layered sleeveless blouse for $6.77, and..finally..a pencil skirt. It's been on my list for a while..and I have tried some on here and there, nothing ever really fit like it was suppose to until today. The skirt was not under $10 but was 50% off.

Last stop was Payless shoes. They are currently having their famous BOGO sale. So I bought a cute pair of gold glitter flats..only time will tell if the glitter will stay on the shoes or end up all over everything else..and a pair of tan peep-toe slingback heels. The heels were already on sale for only $8.00, but with the BOGO deal I got them for $4.00!

Pretty good deals, huh? I don't usually get so lucky when I'm shopping. Can't wait to play around with my new pieces.

Question: My sister thinks the pencil skirt should be hemmed to the knee. What do y'all think?


  1. All of that is SUPER CUTE!

    Use masking tape to "hem" the skirt right above the knee and let's see how that looks....

  2. What great finds! I can't believe all the good deals you got.

    I like the pencil skirt both ways. I have some that are above the knee and others that are just below. Go with what feels right. :)

  3. I like the length on the skirt, especially since you'll probably be wearing it to work. Sometimes on me, if the skirt hits right at my knee, it's almost too short when I sit down or have to pick up something off the floor.

    Plus, it would be super-cute with a pair of tall boots at that length. Just thinking ahead...

  4. Wow! You totally scored! :)