Monday, October 17, 2011

Things I Learned This Weekend

* Texas is a big ass state {Ok, I already knew that. But its hard not to be reminded when driving 6 hours and 45 minutes doesn't even get you to the state line}

* I am not a very good traveler. I stress out..which gives me a headache..which makes me tired.

* Mixing cheap rum with cheap vodka and then getting stuck in stop and go traffic for two hours makes me sick. Like throw up in a souvenir bag in the car sick. Thank God for that bag.

* Chasing seagulls on the beach is a lot of fun.

* Being surrounded by pine trees makes me claustrophobic. Give me my wide open spaces please.

* Charming Charles is my mecca.
My favorite CC find {actually Jeremy spotted it}.

* Jeremy and I still have a really good time hanging out together.

* If I have the option, I am never staying anywhere other than a Drury Inn. They are just awesome and the extras aren't extra {as they like to advertise}. Free hot breakfast, free hot dinner, free adult beverages {three per night of your stay}, free wi-fi, an indoor/outdoor pool, a fitness room, a business center, a guest pantry, a mini-fridge and microwave in every room, a friendly staff, doors that are locked at 11:00 {to be opened only by a room key}. What's not to love?

* There are a lot of women who will use just about any excuse to dress like a hootch.

* Everything costs TOO much money.

* Heavy metal has almost become like music therapy for me. At some points during the concert I could close my eyes and almost imagine I was at home and it made my head feel better.

* Stage actors are a special breed of people {and I mean that as a compliment}

* Its always good to see old friends.

* Its always good to meet new friends.

* There is no place like home.



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  1. Awesome!!! You had quite a weekend! It was great to finally meet you in person! :)