Friday, October 14, 2011

Animal House

HHHHiiii..all youz beautiful peoplez in this box thingy!!! Itz me...Lola...duh. This weekend iz a very excitingz weekend! Mommy and Daddy left to runz off someplace. We can always tellz when they iz leaving us because they bring out the polka dot bagz. It makez Duke a little sadz...but not me.

Know why?

We haz the house all to ourselves! PARTY TIMEZ!!! Iz gonna crank the music and shake my cute little curly tailz. Party timez should even cheer up that sad Duke doggy.

"I am not having a good time"
Oh yeah! Wez gonna stay up late. Pig out on doggie treatz. Drink too much waterz. Crash where we fallz. Crazy, party animalz..that iz us! That Grandma lady wontz have a clue why wez are so tired the next day when she comez to check on us.

If I feelz like it...I might even let those big ol' bully catz come to my party.

SSShhhhzzzzzz! Don't tell no onz about my super fun crazy animal party, K? If Mom and Dad found out I would bez SSSOOO grounded!


  1. Lola i just love it when your Mommy lets you blog. She should let you blog more often.

    ps. i didn't believe that very naughty comment on last years Christmas card. she must have you confused with one of the cats.