Thursday, October 6, 2011

She's in one of her "moods"

Today was not a good day. I'm blaming PMS {because I'm a girl and I'm allowed to}. Everything was annoying me. Every.Thing. So I decided to leave work a little early before I cut, I mean, upset someone. On days like these it's best that I not be around other people. I might have hermit like tendencies when I'm feeling extra crabby. {Thank you! I'll be here all night}

Once I was home I felt a little better. Until I took some chicken out of the freezer for dinner. I grabbed the new unopened back of chicken and used my handy-dandy kitchen scissors to cut off the perforated hem. I can never actually use the perforated hem because there isn't enough plastic to give me the leverage I need to tear it I use scissors.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the pieces were a good size. The store brand we usually get had been skimping with little people size pieces that they were obviously including in the 9 piece count. But not today, not in this bag. I took out two good size chicken breasts and was closing up the bag when I noticed that there were only four more breasts in the bag.

Four in the bag + two in the sink = not nine pieces.

Oh, NU-uh! They were NOT about to jip me of three chicken breasts. Not on PMS Thursday. I was going to do something about it! So, I took to my laptop and wrote a letter. That's right...I wrote a letter about my three missing chicken pieces. What? I was mad!

When Jeremy got home we took the dogs for a quick walk and I was telling him about the missing chicken and my letter. And that's when he informs me that he had, in fact, already opened that bag of chicken.

So, it wasn't a brand new bag?


Well, considering how pissed off I've been feeling all day it probably was the most harmless avenue to vent my frustrations. And who knows, maybe I'll get a coupon out of it.

    Signed, the crazy PMS'ing hermit lady that writes ranty emails to large corporations for no reason,

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