Friday, August 19, 2011

Whatever Lola Wantz

HHHHeeeyyy, Y'all!!! I stolez my Mom's laptop to share with y'all my fabulousness. Iz been watching her tap-tap-tap away on this funny looking box for a long, long time and I thinkz I have it down pretty good. SSShhhhhhh...don't tell her!

Me, stealing Moms laptop computer thingy.
It's FRIDAYZ! Which means time to relax with some wine. Wait a minutez...Momma does not let me have wine. Boo. Waterz will have to do. But I am always relaxing. I am Lola, relaxing iz what I do. Oh, and barking at the mailman..and the neighbors..and those leafs that keep blowingz down my street. Um, EXCUSE ME..this is MY street..stupid leafs.

Me, pretending to drink some winez.
Daddy says I sound likez a gremlin. I don't knowz what that is, but it must be wonderful and cute. Cause that is exactly what I am. Mom tells me so all the timez. When I take my peoplez for a walk {I swearz, Daddy gets SO excited to go on the walks}, all the other humanz want to stop and talk to me..and pet me..and tell me how cute I iz. And at the drive-thru thingy places, I knowz all those humanz want to see me. Everybody lovez the Lola girl....everybodyz.

Me, watching leafs. Iz got my eye on you, leafs!

OMG! Foundz this on that youtube thingy place. Momma is ALWAYS on that place shaking her booty to the music.

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