Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are you ready to get your Sushi on? *giveaway*

Back in May 2008 I had my first experience with Sushi. I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. And I was shocked to find that I loved the Tuna Sashimi. Since then I've only had a handful of chances to have Sushi again..and I've learned that there is good Sushi and not so good Sushi. For example, grocery store ok..but the Tuna Sashimi at the Kona Grill (which is NOT local, much to my dismay) is melt in your mouth wonderful.  It's harder to find the good Sushi..especially out here in west Texas.

So, for y'all that are on the hunt for the perfect Sushi joint I have a deal for you! I'm teaming up with to give away TWO $15 for $30 coupons* at the Geisha Steak and Sushi Restaurant in Plano, TX. Did you click on the link? Oh, you need to click on the link. The photos on the homepage alone are enough to make my mouth water.  Now, I've never been to this establishment so I can't personally vouch for their food or service but I am always on the look out for a good deal and a new place to have dinner. I'm sure many of y'all are the same way. A good deal/coupon is the PERFECT excuse to go check out a new restaurant.

Ok, I know that a lot of y'all do not live in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area...neither do I. But this coupon is good for a year so maybe you WILL eventually be in the Metroplex..for business, for pleasure, just passing through? Like me, I'll be there next week for a few days..see, I could totally use this coupon!

Alrighty then! This is how you enter:

~ You MUST be a follower of this blog. If you aren't already {say what?} then just click 'join this site' right over there on the left hand side. Once this is done, leave me a comment.

~ You can like my blog facebook page for an additional entry. Leave me ANOTHER comment..that means separate from the one for following my blog.

~ You can follow on twitter for an additional entry. Again, separate comment from the rest.

~ You can like on facebook for an additional entry. Do I need to say it? Separate comment.

~ You can leave me a comment, yes another one, telling me what you would order from Geisha Steak and Sushi if you were to get this coupon.

So, to recap, that is five ways to enter equaling five different comments worth one entry each. Clear as mud, right? Giveway starts now to midnight on Sunday, August 7th. I'll announce the winners Monday morning {on my first day of vacation...SSqqquuueeee!!}

*winner of coupon giveaway will have to sign up on in order to redeem their coupon.


  1. AH! Geisha Grill is AWESOME! I haven't been there in about a year or so but they have grrrrrrrrrrreat sushi! Count me on this giveaway please?!?! :)

  2. I LOVE SUSHI!!! but I highly doubt that I will be in tx with in the next year so sad :(