Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh hai!

Sorry for my lack of posting this last week. I did manage to at least post SOMETHING, but I feel like my usual enthusiasm was missing. Getting my new purse was truly the highlight of my week. Other than that it was not so bueno.

1. We had overtime at work. Not much, thank goodness, but enough to slightly throw off the rest of my day and make me feel all discombobulated.

2. It was "hell week" so my emotions were like the worst kind of roller coaster ride. I was up and then I was down. I was laughing, and then I was crying. I was pissed off a lot. I tend to just keep to myself when I'm having all these crazy emotions and thoughts. I know it will pass, so I don't really want to concern anyone with my crazy ranting (although, thanks to my bestie Jonessa for having a three hour phone call with me earlier this really helped).

3. The weather is starting to get to me, people. I feel like I am going stir crazy. I'm tired of looking at the inside of this house. I mean, I LOVE my house, but I so tired of not being able to enjoy my back patio..or take the dogs for more walks..or..or..just standing outside. It's too freakin' hot! Everything is dying, my lawn is yellow, my patio furniture is covered in a fine layer of Texas dust. The wind blows..but it's never a nice cool breeze. OH no, it's like when you open the oven..that kind of 'breeze'. I'm just so very ready for the weather to calm down a little so that I can step outside of this house.

4. Oh yeah, and I was so very tired all week long. Combine the OT, with the gym, with the 'hell week', AND Jeremy was feeling sick, PLUS I couldn't seem to make myself go to bed at a decent hour...made for one very cranky, tired, emotionally drained, stir crazy Jinny.

Hopefully things will be better this coming week. For now, I'm going to the movies..where it's dark, and cold, and not the inside of my house.

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