Friday, July 22, 2011

OAT..just a little something

'Who is THAT?', Travis practically whistled as he stared out of the floor to ceiling windows. The woman who was making her way across the parking lot was a show stopper and had totally stopped him dead in his tracks. As he lost himself in the swish of her hips a bright pink squishy ball nailed him right in the back of his head. ' our 12:00 appointment', Cookie huffed. She was squeezing a neon blue squishy ball, eyeing Travis as if debating wither or not to throw that one at him too.

Dylan wanted to laugh at Cookie's antics, but couldn't muster even a grin. His past was about to sashay her way through his door, right back into his life, and he was so fucked.

*names keep changing because I can't decide who wants to be called what..but it will work itself out*

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