Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't look at me like that...I use to be fat.

Sometimes, when I'm at the gym, I feel like some of the 'fluffier' women are eye-balling me. The same way I use to eye-ball skinny girls when I was heavier. Like, 'Oh..look at her, with her cute little tank top and yoga pants..with her cute little ponytail...she probably eats whatever she wants...she's probably never had to lay down to zip up her long has she been on that elliptical machine..has she even broken a sweat? She probably never sweats'.

You get the idea.

Anyway, it got me thinking that when I was heavier I was so jealous of the skinny girls that I never once stopped to think that some of them might have been where I was. It makes me want to blurt out 'I use to be fat! I swear!' But I'm afraid that might get me kicked out of the gym.


  1. Being a former gym-rat myself I used to notice how we all stared at people. Not for reasons that people may have been thinking When I was being weak and did not want to finish my elliptical 5 miles I would find something to get my mind off of it. Plus I HAD to chew gum which all the other gym rats thought was funny because ipod on and gum popping.. I didn't realize it cuz I couldn't hear it. oh well. It has been a year since I stepped foot in my gym. I might go back one day, but not today.

  2. I doubt they'd kick you out. That's like free advertising!

  3. It is interesting the things that change about you after losing weight- the way you think, the way you perceive things, your emotions about some things. So interesting that I read this post today b/c I've been brewing up a post of my own about the way things change- and also the way it seems like you never let go of the "former fat girl" in some ways. At least I don't - but that's another story.