Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where'd my weekend go?

On Friday:

* I got off work two hours early. Yay!

* We went to the airport to pick up my sister for her surprise weekend visit. Yay!

On Saturday:

* As soon as I was up and awake, I was out the door to pick up my sister. Yay!

* We hit up the cupcake shop first, natch. Yay!

* I nearly lost my keys at the mall. Boo!

* But we found them in the JC Penny dressing room. Yay!

* Went for pedicures. Yay!

* Picked up the fixings for margaritas. Yay!

* Visited with my cute as a button cousin, Whitney. Yay!

* Ran a mile straight, finished by walking another two miles. Boo...and yay!

* Finished off the cupcakes, Fat Elvis and Lemon. Yum and yay!

* Pizza delivery. Yay!

* Watched the Royal Wedding with my sister AND my Mom WITH margaritas. Yay!

On Sunday:

* Woke up to FREEZING weather. Boo!

* But it might bring some rain. YAY!

* Met up with my sister and Mom for lunch at the annual church spring festival. We've gone nearly every year since I can remember. Yay!

* Said goodbye to my sister before she flew home. Boo!

* Went grocery shopping. Boo! -- We were both SO tired. Like zombies.

* Sat on my butt for the rest of the day, wrapped up in a fleece blanket, drinking coffee. Yay!

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