Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where I'm From..

Fairlie over at Around the Traps (she won my first...and only giveaway on this here blog..true story) did a post like this and I just loved it. Creative writing is in my blood so I decided to give it a go. She has the link to the template she used in case y'all want to try it to (please do!!)

I am from boom box stereos, from fruit loop cereal in the bottom cabinet and Rainbow Brite.
I am from a house full of crazy women, scorching heat, little rain, tornado warnings, and the summer song of the cicadas

I am from miles and miles of cotton fields, roadside bluebonnets, pecans right from the shell, and breath taking sunsets, from Howdy and Hey Y'all.

I am from banana pancakes on Christmas morning and singing Silent Night on Christmas Eve, from trying to talk louder than the person next to you, from Fred and Virginia.

I am from fierce loyalty, constant bickering, deep love, no excuses and working hard for the things you want.

From Grandpa swallowing a watermelon seed, birds pooping on pouty lips, and knuckle sandwiches.

I am from the Catholic faith, CCD classes and spring festivals.

From driving suburbans into bait shops, making every high school graduation, getting arrested at Mardi Gras and having a flat tire...again.

I am from my Grandma's back room and my memory trunk, stuffed full of the photos and mementos of my youth.

I'm from handmade German sausage and the legendary kegarator, from a long line of adventurous Germans who decided to trade their farm in Germany for a farm in the heart of big sky country and loved it so much they never left.

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    1) this was hilarious
    2) i love the music- normally hate it, but you have good taste
    3) new follower :)