Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Weekend...with photos

Saturday morning was a rocky start to our weekend, and just the beginning as I would soon find out. After spending the majority of our morning Christmas and grocery shopping we finally made it home to start our weekend cleaning routine. Part of the routine includes the overflowing laundry basket. So, Jeremy is ready to take the first load of laundry from the washing machine out to the dryer. Our dryer is located in the shed of our carport, which we keep locked up when not being used. Well, we could not find the keys to the lock. They are usually hung up over the washing machine, but not yesterday. We looked every where, checked pockets, pulled the washing machine away from the wall, looked in the no avail. The keys were gone. But we still needed in the shed. After a few tugging attempts, Jeremy finally ended up cutting the lock off with a hack saw.
There was a lot of cursing, banging, stomping, huffing. But Jeremy finally resigned himself to the fact that it HAD to be done. We would have no clean underwear for the next week otherwise. So, the laundry washing continued. Fast forward to this morning, as Jeremy was unloading the washing machine WHAT does he find IN the washing machine? The the lock that is now useless. *groan* We have a new lock. And what lesson have we learned? To not keep both keys to the lock on the same key ring. One key will be tucked safely away for future use...just in case.
If you happen to be my friend on facebook (which most of you are), you might remember these two status updates:
doh! Ceiling fan just went out. So...just to keep everyone up to date, that is one missing fork and a broken fan.
An hour later: Ceiling fan decided to start working again....might be possessed
That was last Sunday. Jeremy had removed the lighting part of the fan to fiddle with it and just got around to putting it back on today. Just to have the fan stop working..again. He has literally taken the lightening fixture apart to try and find the problem. And we DID find a wire that was completely broken and exposed for one of the arms of the light fixture. Well, THERE's the problem, right? The broken wire has shorted out the whole thing. So, off to Lowe's we go to find a new ceiling fan.
Jeremy is putting the new ceiling fan up right now. The main part is up and wires connected, he called me in to flip the switch. Guess didn't work. Queue the cursing. After more fiddling with the wires he flips the switch again works. Turn it off, back on...and it doesn't work again. We are starting to think that maybe it wasn't the ceiling fan at all. Looks like it might be the light switch. Oy Vey! Can anyone say 'Money Pit'? I'm living it, people.
As of right now, Jeremy has left to go to the hardware store to purchase a new light switch. Only time will tell if this will actually solve our problem. If it does, Jeremy is going to re-wire our old, perfectly functional, ceiling fan and put it back up. And that will mean we have a new pretty ceiling fan for the living room. I don't know if I should be happy, or afraid. Pray for us.

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