Sunday, December 5, 2010

The boots were meant to be mine

The day before Thanksgiving I dragged Jeremy to Target and broke one of my own rules. I bought something for myself right before Christmas. Around the end of August I start "strongly encouraging" my family to stop buying things for themselves and, instead, add it to their Christmas lists. It makes sense, right? How am I suppose to come up with something totally kick ass to get you for Christmas if you keep going out and buying everything the moment it pops in your head? Point made. But since it's the rule I made up I figure I should be the only one allowed to break it.

The Target Boots

All I wanted to do was LOOK at the boots. I know, famous last words. I found a great pair of knee-high motorcycle type boots. They didn't have a heel and they zipped up the back with a buckle around the ankle. There was black and brown. I really wanted a brown pair but I could only find my size in the black. If any of y'all have ever shopped in the Target shoe section you will know that its not always the most organized. The most common sizes go fast which often leave size 5's and size 10's and not a whole lot in between. So I thought I would just take a really good look at all the boxes in the general area of the displayed brown boots (which were a size 9) to see if I would get lucky and find a misplaced box. I got down on my knees, yes..right there in the middle of the aisle, and what did I find shoved UNDERNEATH the shoe rack? The my size. I took it as a sign. How could I possible leave the store without them? Well, I couldn't and I didn't. I actually wore them for Thanksgiving. Fast forward to yesterday. I was wearing my cute boots again while running around with my best friend, Jennifer. We popped into a new makeup store and the sales girl greeted us and then asked 'Are those Steven Madden boots?'. Um, no..they aren't..but I do LOVE Steve Madden. Then I noticed that she was wearing a pair of boots...Steve Madden's...that looked nearly identical to mine, except in black. Another sign that these boots were totally meant to be mine. Designer-like fashion on a kind of shoes.
The Steve Madden Boots

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  1. I love Steve Madden too. 'Tis the season for boots, wish I had!