Friday, October 1, 2010

We are in Texas right?

Blogtoberfest 2010

It seemed like a simple enough idea. Make a football player 'scarecrow' for the front yard during the fall/football season. It would be cute and give the neighbors something to talk about. Jeremy has an older, very worn Romo jersey. He ordered football pants off ebay on the cheap. Now all we needed was a helmet. Easy right?


Very wrong.

I mean, we have sport supply stores in this town. But for football scarecrow there isn't any need to go spend a lot of money on the real deal. All we need is a simple plastic football helmet. It's football West Texas....right before Halloween. Surely someone would have something!

We checked two different party supplies/costume stores. I couldn't believe neither one of them had a football helmet to complete a costume. They didn't even have a decorative football helmet to hold your tortilla chips at the big football party. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So, discouraged from our fruitless search, we made our way to the grocery story for our last stop of the evening. Next door to the grocery store is...a seasonal Halloween store. Jeremy asks me if I thought they would have something and I thought it was worth a look. We were half way through the store, still not seeing anything, with Jeremy mumbling behind me that they weren't going to have it...when Jeremy saw it. The ONLY thing we could find that was even relatively close to a normal, decorative, costumey football helmet:

So, I guess when your little boy tells you he wants to be a football player for Halloween y'all are just shit out of luck because in this town no such costume exists. Trust me..I would have found it.

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  1. That's just wrong. No helmets in Texas? Maybe they assume that you all have one already?