Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dude, don't call me Dude

We all know them. That person that uses 'Dude' for everyone and everything. Dude for hello..dude for goodbye..dude for what's up..dude for what the hell. Dude for their friends, dude for their kids, and dude for their other half.

And the last one is what bothers me the most. I was watching LA Ink the other day and Kat Von D is an absolute abuser of the word Dude. In one scene she was talking to her then boyfriend Nikki what's his face and she kept calling him Dude. And I would wrinkle my nose every time. It seems to be more the girl calling the guy Dude. I don't hear many husbands calling their wives Dude. I just don't like it. To me, it relegates that relationship to something less meaningful.

I don't call Jeremy Dude and he doesn't call me Dude. But he does call me Woman..and I like it. Other people might wrinkle their nose at that so I guess to each their own. I like it because that is what I am..I am not just a Dude to him, although we are very good friends (which is a plus when you are married), I am his woman. Which is why only Jeremy can call me woman. I know it seems a little caveman-ish. But I kinda like being claimed...as more than just Dude.


  1. I agree. Dude is a silly name to call someone. I heard in grade school it was a pimple on a donkeys bum, so I never called anyone "dude". I don't know if that's the true meaning.

    My boyfriend called me "girls". Used like this, "What do girls want for dinner?"
    It's cute. :P

  2. SO FUNNY as the husband can BARELY watch la ink the DUUUUDE irks him so.

  3. hahahaha I'm a total DUDE abuser. I say it all the time. Even to my ex, occasionally he'd say it to me.

    I don't even realize I'm saying it most of the time.