Thursday, October 21, 2010


I got my first 'spam' comment ever this morning. Besides "robot" advertisements that I use to get forever ago, I haven't really had a problem with troll like comments being left for me. It was quite entertaining. So thank you crazy anonymous person for making my morning.

In other news, our fridge had a near death experience this weekend. I went from being mad to being sad to being in a dark black despair.

Mad because I actually spent my Friday night cleaning the thing. That's right, I could have been doing so many other things...much, much more entertaining things. But no..I decided to show my fridge some love and THIS is how the stupid hunk of plastic repays me?! See if I ever clean you again!


That, and we had JUST bought two weeks worth of groceries.


And when I wasn't mad I was begging the thing NOT to die. Please don't die, fridge. Don't go into the light. We love you. We need you. We'd miss you! I might have even hugged it...

Then I would fall into that dark, dark despair of which there was no end. We are going to have to buy a new fridge. OH the agony..AGONY!!! You see, when we moved into this house we had to buy the smallest model we could find to fit into our kitchen. I mean, we don't have a pee-wee fridge. It's 'normal' size..just the smallest 'normal' size we could find. It was the only thing we could fit into the designated 'fridge' space in our galley kitchen that didn't stick out so far as to block the door to the carport. But, we bought our fridge eight years ago when we moved into this house and I just knew, that with our luck, no one would sell that size fridge anymore. I'm not blind, I see the fridge trend..and it has leaned more and more to big and bigger.

The appliance repair man came to see us Monday after work. As we were filling up coolers with ice and our two weeks worth of groceries, he took one look at our fridge and knew exactly what the problem was. And he could fix it...right then!

*que the angels singing...heavenly light shining down in my kitchen*

In about an hour he had our fridge up and running again. So, now my fridge has a second chance at life. It was like fridge CPR.

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  1. I have one of those fridges - kitchen circa 1968... Freezer temp was 45 degrees one morning so I measured the fridge and the space and went to Sears. The sales man looked at the piece of paper and said "I can show you two." GREAT! Not sure what will happen in another 5-10 years when I go back for another one.