Thursday, September 2, 2010

ANTM: Cycle 15

ANTM Cycle 15 starts on Wednesday, Sept. 8. As I was watching the interview videos from each girl, taking notes, Jeremy looks over my shoulder and asks me if I'm taking notes on all the new models. Well, YEAH! How else am I suppose to make my snap first judgements? He thinks I'm cute. Now, on to the girls.

SARA. Occupation, Mother. That's all she will talk about. There is always one of them.
RHIANNA. The weirdo of the bunch. Fashionista that descends from models. Has a very vintage sense of style and refuses to shop in major department stores. Very hippy dippy..her occupation is world explorin', dance feverin', people lovin', wild child. OOokkkkaayyy then.
LIZ. Wants to be famous really bad but doesn't want to do a whole lot of work to get there. Her must have photo shoot accessory is her piercings...which means they are going to make her take them out. We'll shall see if she bends to their will or not. Also, she is very pretty in a very hard way. I mean she oozes edge. I don't think she can do soft pretty.
LEXIE. She is an artistic genius. Her favorite shoes are Toms. Sounds like my kind of girl.
KENDAL. Hey y'all..she's from Alabama! Beautiful girl but I'm already worried that her 'droopy' eyelids are going to make her look pissed off in every picture. Her must-have accessory on photo shoots is 'her man'. I think she will be sorely disappointed to find out that ANTM isn't going to fly him in for every photo shoot.
KAYLA. Another sporty player. Another modeling newbie. Not sure how she will do.
KACEY. She's a dance teacher from Cali. Very well spoken and seems friendly for now. She is terrified that they are going to buzz all her hair off...which probably means they will...and she will probably cry.
JANE. Lacrosse player. Very pretty. That's all I got, for now.
ESTHER. Who names their kid Esther? Very new to modeling. Speaks french. She thinks she is ready for whatever the show has to throw at her...wait until they want to cut her hair all off.
CHRIS. Sister of Terra. Very concerned about making it to the bottom two with her sister. Pretty full of herself. Thinks she knows about modeling..which probably means she doesn't have a clue. The attitude is strong in this one.
CHELSEY. Admittedly a ditzy blonde. She might rely too much on her pretty face.
ANN. She is 6'freakin2" which would explain why her favorite shoes are flats. A little awkward and new to modeling. Hopefully her lankiness won't work against her.
ANAMARIA. She is 19, unemployed, her must-have photo shoot accessory is herself, and she would never wear 'gangstah clothing'..which means she is going to be BFF's with Chris.TERRA. Sister to Chris..with a whole lot less attitude. Favorite shoes..converse. Admitted tomboy. She says she will tell you the truth..which probably means that she and her sister will go around 'telling people the truth' even if they don't ask. I predict a lot of smack talking in the bathroom and/or confessional room. And then one of them will get kicked off and it will be a big boo-hoo fest for whichever sister is left.

And I predict that the show takes the girls to France. *shrug* Just a feeling I have.


  1. Ann is the girl who drew the 'world's tiniest waist' attention a few weeks ago.

  2. well, thank you for the overview! had i not seen this, i would have had no idea that i should set this to record while we are away! chelsey kinda looks like anna paquin, no? liz will be too harsh, unable to soften, etc., for sure. kendal and kacey, too masculine maybe? but sometimes they really like that. bye bye to chris' hair. ann, they will make her tilt her head down. she will always pose with her head up so you look up her nostrils. france hey? well merci beaucoup!

  3. ANTM is my guilty pleasure.

    I love Ann. She's shy and she's not all "I'm gonna kick all these girl's butts!"

    But I like Rihanna too. She's got a weird look to her and I think it's great.