Monday, April 12, 2010

Hawaii - The Food

On our first morning there we stopped at the Kalaheo Cafe and Coffee for breakfast. We liked it so much we went back three more times. It wasn't a big place, but it was pretty popular with the locals and tourists alike. Between us we had their South Shore Breakfast (two eggs any style, hashbrowns, and toast), Sweetbread Frenchtoast with fresh pineapple on top, the Bonzo Burrito..Sautéed Ham, peppers, mushrooms, onions and olives scrambled with two eggs and wrapped in a burrito with cheddar and Monterey jack topped with salsa & sour cream (it was BIG), buttermilk pancakes (the short stack..twice), a bowl of fresh fruit, a toasted crossiant, and a side of ham. lol. The food was delicious, the coffee was delicious (with free refills), and the atmosphere was laid back.

Next, we have the Puka Dog. It was a place that kept popping up again and again as I researched our vacation spot, so we had to go. Jeremy declared it the BEST hot dog he has ever eaten! It's very simple. You pick your sausage, polish or veggie, then you pick your garlic lemon sauce, and THEN you pick a tropical fruit relish (they had mango, banana, coconut, pineapple..). They hand squeeze the lemonade...we watched them do it..and it is super refreshing. We stopped here twice..just because it was so dang good.

We had dinner at Poipu Tropical Burgers (no website). The hostess left a little to be desired, but our waitress was friendly enough. I enjoyed my burger...can't even remember the name..but it had this chili sauce on it that was delicious.

Another place we went to more than once, Pizzetta. Our waitress the first time was great! The margaritas were yummy and on special. We had half a hawaiian pizza (canadian bacon and pineapple) and half El Greco..I think..which was roasted tomatoes and artichoke hearts. Both were mouthwatering good. OH, and we got the Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip as a started. I couldn't stop eating the was like crack. SO good!!

Of course, when I saw the white truck parked on the side of the road with writing all over it we HAD to stop (I actually made Jeremy turn around and go back). My friend, Jen, told me it was a must eat place. It's called Savage Shrimp and it's a mobile eatery. You order out of the back and they cook it up for you right there. The garlic shrimp plate was finger licking good...literally. You should have seen us going to town on that peel and eat shrimp.

Brennecke's Beach Broiler was a little pricey for the looks of the place, but still good. It's across the street from Poipu Beach park, the water view is so-so but the evening sky view is great! All the seating is upstairs, so if you catch a sunset for dinner it's worth it. Our waitress was hilarious and engaging, even with a large crowd of people to take care of. I had the pork nachos..which were listed as an appetizer but it was big enough for two people. The pork was out of this world. Jeremy had the Charbroiled Ono & Wasabi Shrimp. I nabbed one the shrimp (there were only two, but jumbo ones) and it was so good. Our friend, Bobby, told me that if we had the chance to try the Ceviche (in HI, not at this specific place) that we we did! I know I keep saying this was SO good! lol. I would go back just for that. Actually, I might try and make some here at home.

And, of course, we had our anniversary dinner at Tidepools at the Hyatt. This was by far the most expensive meal of the trip, but for the service, quality, and was worth it. We had the Ahi Sashimi which melted in our mouths. The Sweet Corn and Hawaiian Vanilla Bean Soup..are you kidding me? So good! SO GOOD! I had the Macadamia Nut Mahimahi..wonderful. And Jeremy had the Ginger Soy Glazed Hawaiian Sea Bass..the papaya-coconut-lime sauce was finger licking good too..but I didn't lick my fingers, because that just not what you do in a fancy place like that. We had dessert..duh...pineapple cheesecake. *can you see my eyes rolling back in my head from over there?*

We had some shave (not shaved..apparently) ice at Koloa Shave Ice. They talk a lot about how it's different from normal snowcones..but, really, the snowcone stands over here on the mainland HAVE caught on to the whole shaved, not chipped or crushed, ice. So, hawaiian shave ice is basically a huge snowcone. But what does still make it different from home is they serve it with ice cream on the bottom. Either way, usual or unusual, it was yummy and refreshing.

Everything we ate in Hawaii was amazingly good. Maybe the scenery just makes everything taste better? The breeze? The sun? I don't know..but everything was good. We didn't have ONE bad meal, not one. Makes me want to go back..but just for dinner.

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