Saturday, March 13, 2010

If it's good enough for P-Dub

This is a snap shot of my 'base of operation'. On any given evening or morning...or some afternoons..sitting at this very spot on facebook playing Bejeweled cultivating my art and talents.

Notice the lovely green color of our office alcove. My husband picked it out.

I was so exciting to get my new camera bag from Epiphanie! I love it already and I haven't even taken it outside yet. It's super stylish and has tons of room.

Aren't my pink cowboy PJ bottoms totally sexy? They really get Jeremy's motor going..if you know what I mean.

If only I could teach one of my cats to paint nails. Maybe then I wouldn't have to go around with naked toes all the time. I know there are places you can just go and pop into. But I have to be honest...going to places where I can't talk to the girl working on my toes makes ME very uncomfortable. So, I pay $30 to leave more tense than when I went in. It's a little better when I go with a friend, but I hardly ever go by myself and thus..I hardly ever have a pedicure.

Do y'all know how annoying it is to have to look up the 2010 calendar on the computer because my sweet husband has YET to replace the 2009 calender with something new? He's kind of particular about his calendars. Maybe we'll get one soon...or just in time to have to get a 2011 calendar.

The two year old gum was a Christmas gift to my husband. A stocking stuffer actually. Christmas was tight that year. The gum is called Angry Scotsman Chewing Gum and it has a picture of an angry looking Scotsman in a kilt. I do love a man in a kilt. Anyhoo, I bought it because although he rarely looks angry my husband DOES look like a Scotsman. I don't know why he has never chewed the gum...or why he keeps it if he isn't going to chew it. It's probably rock hard by now.

I'll probably never ever have as many readers as most of the blogs I read on a daily basis. I'll never make money from my blogs. Companies will never send me goodies to review. I'll never be sent as a guest speaker about Ordinary West Texas bloggers. But, nearly every blog I do read inspires me in some way. They inspire me to try new recipes, or write about a great new topic, or inspire me to try just a little harder on my weight loss. They inspire me to keep tapping away at this keyboard, to pick up my camera more often, to stretch myself creatively.

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  1. My Epiphanie bag (Ginger) arrived yesterday! I've not moved my stuff in yet - but I can't wait!! Have a great time in Hawaii!!