Monday, February 1, 2010

Time To Walk The Humans

Walking our dogs is always an adventure. It starts before we even get out of the house. They LOVE going on walks..or going anywhere really. Duke, the three legged dog, sits patiently in the living room for us to say the 'W' word. lol. And when we do, Lola, our little pug mix, goes into a frenzy of banshee screeches. Once we get them in their harness, it's straight for the front door....unless we have to go get the keys or put on a jacket...or just stand there holding onto the leash. Did I mention we have hardwood floors? The dogs get so excited that there is a lot of tippy-tapping, thowmping, and running in place (that's Lola..who always things she can get somewhere faster if she just RUNS).

That's all before we even get outside.

Our dogs pretty much walk us. Lola is full-steam ahead. She keeps her head down and chugs along so briskly that her little ears flop around. OR she loses her footing and falls on her face. And Duke, well, he LOVES to go on walks. He zig-zags this way and that...nose to the ground...nose in the air...nose on the mailbox. People actually stare at us as they drive by.

Today as we were walking we came across another couple walking their two chocolate labs. We fell in behind them on the same street. Lola is going CRAZY trying to make us gggoooo fffassstttter so she can meet those dogs up there. And Duke is whining, tugging on his leash. Jeremy says, 'Look at those dogs up there. Why can't y'all walk nice like that?' The dogs up ahead actually had slack leashes..which meant their people weren't having their arms tugged out of their sockets. I glance at our two mutts and back at Jeremy and say, 'Because we don't have two chocolate labs'. Jeremy sighs and says, 'Yeah, we're stuck with Spaz and Gimpy'.

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