Saturday, January 30, 2010

My New Toy!

So, I've sort of being working a shit load of overtime. What? I haven't mentioned it yet..I could have sworn I a hundred times already. Work has been bumming me out and I haven't been my usual perky self. My husband, being the angel that he is, decided that I needed a reward for all the hard work I've been putting it. A pretty big reward. Something that I've been wanting for a while.

A new zoom lens for my camera.

Booking our trip to Hawaii has really had me thinking about this lens again. I figure if Jeremy is going to get out there on a surf board I want to be able to get a good picture of him doing it.

Last night we went to Best Buy and the lens I wanted wasn't in the case. Looking back now it makes sense that we should have stopped and asked someone...but after the week I have had it's like my brain totally shut off. I was almost laughing because it was SO typical of how my week was going that there wouldn't be any in the store. We went home empty handed and in low spirits. After work today (that's right...more work..yay *eye roll*) I decided to call the Best Buy and ask them if they happen to have the lens I want sitting around in the back. Guess what? They did. And within minutes I had it in my hot little hands.

I've only played with it a little today, but I already love it. I really like the idea of getting a close up shot without having to get up in someones face. lol. I can see the great photo opp's now. Like this one of my husband..who sort of hates having his picture taken..

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