Friday, February 5, 2010

Those Dang Kids!

As we were driving to the mall today, we stopped behind this little red four door car at a light. I wouldn't have even been paying attention to the car, or the people in it but the driver was waving their hands around as if dancing. So, my attention was drawn. The car was full, driver and three passengers. They were all young-ish..probably teenagers. And the driver was having a grand old much so that the car swerved just a little as they took off at the green light.

I looked over at Jeremy and shook my head. "Kids," he muttered. But, it got me thinking about when I was that age. I started wondering how many times my friends and I were so wrapped up in whatever we were doing that we didn't notice the adults in the next car shaking their heads at us. I'm sure there were plenty. And one such instance came to mind.

And I can't believe I'm going to share it with y'all...because its embarrassing! lol.

Let me just pre-face this with the fact that I was very young. Well, old enough to drive so...16, maybe. My boyfriend, which might not have been my boyfriend at that time (you know we were together and then not together and then together), was hanging out at a friends house which was just a few blocks over from my house. For some reason I was so mad that he was over there...and not taking my calls..and not calling me back.

Like, OMG!

Actually, OMG wasn't even invented at the time.

I decided that I needed to go and drive by this guys house. Because, you know, the boyfriend should be able to FEEL me outside...right? RIGHT! I drove down the street a couple times..getting more and more irritated that they had, in fact, NOT noticed that I was driving by.

Stop laughing! I was young!!!! And apparently crazy. I had no idea at the time.

SO, I rolled down the windows and cranked the music. That was SURE to get those stupid boy's attention. And as I was speeding (yes, speeding..I won't say how fast...I was in my Mom's car and she reads this blog...HI MOM!) down the road I did get noticed but not by those stupid boys. Oh no, a neighbor who lived across the street was at the curb to get his mail. And as I screeched by he screamed into my window 'SLOW DOWN!!!' I had been so focused on the house that the stupid boys were NOT coming out of that I didn't even notice the guy until I heard him.

I was so embarrassed! I went straight home and hid in my room. The stinky boys never even knew I was out there. And the neighbor...well, I'm sure he walked back into his house shaking his head and muttering "Kids"!

What crazy thing did YOU do when you were a teenager?! Please, share and make me feel better!!

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