Thursday, January 21, 2010


I love ghost hunting shows. Love them. I watch Ghost Hunters. Paranormal State. Paranormal Cops. If it happens to be on, I'll watch Ghost Adventures.

I'm not a 'ghost hunter' myself. I don't feel any need to run around some creepy old building in the pitch black all night long. BUT, I'll gladly watch other people do it from the comfort of my bed. There is just something about the unknown. The chance of making a connection with the unseen.

However, I can't help but snicker when the music gets all dramatic and the green-lit scene is focused on the shower curtain. That's right, the shower curtain...cause we all know that ghosts like to hide in the shower..right? Right. So, the investigator moves closer. And a hand reaches out slowly and finally tears the curtain back....

and nothing is there.

I have to wonder why anyone would ever think that there would actually be SOMETHING behind the shower curtain.

I mean, I believe in spirits. I've never had any personal experiences, but I still believe. And I'm pretty sure that if one ever decides to make itself known to me it won't materialize in my shower.

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