Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Movin' on up!

Considering what the weather is like right now - cold and rainy (lovely, but not for moving) - we had BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend in Dallas. My husband and I drove up to the Big D on Friday to help my little sister move into her first apartment...on the third floor. We had some extra help (thank goodness) with my Aunt Gail and Uncle Gary and William and Rusty. With everyone there it only took us maybe two hours at the most to move all her stuff...up to the third floor. Everything made it up except for her bed which sort of fell apart on the stairs. It was already iffy, so we weren't surprised and the guys screwed it all back together once it was in her room. AND the entertainment now has some very minor scratches on the side..nothing that can't be covered with a wood stain pen.

Getting everything up there...on the third floor..didn't take as long as doing the actual unpacking. There were more than a few 'Where does this go?' moments. Since this is my sisters very first place she is starting from scratch. I have been trying to remember how that feels. And if I had as hard a time unpacking things in my new kitchen as she did. She just doesn't know where to put anything. But, I know everything will find a home, the perfect home that she picked, eventually. We took her to Wal-mart and bought her a few things. You never realize all the little things that make living someplace more comfortable until you have to get it all yourself. We picked up things like air fresheners, trash bags, a shower curtain, dish towels and pot holders, a hammer and screwdriver, a broom. She kept telling us how thankful she was that we were there because she would have been very overwhelmed. Moving into any new place, but especially your FIRST place, is always a little overwhelming. I mean, you don't even have salt and pepper. lol. You have NOTHING! Think about it for a minute...having to grocery shop...when you have nothing to begin with. Oy vey.

But we left Dallas with the satisfaction of knowing she is very nearly settled in her new home. Dishes are in the cabinet and silverware are in their brand new organizer. TV's and DVD players are hooked up. Clothes are in the closet and towels are in the linen cabinet. Her bed is made and she has two new pillows on it. Everything else will come together with time.

She will decorate and then re-decorate. Add pictures to the wall and buy a new chair for this room or that. Paint her dresser (which has been painted a million times already...as it belonged to my mom and then to me and now to her) and buy a new bedspread. Hang curtains and buy throw pillows. She will make that apartment...on the third floor...her new home(oh..and Melanie's..HI MEL!). In time...all in time.

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