Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Counting My Blessings

I am thankful for:

~ My husband. He makes me laugh and puts up with all my goofiness. Everything he does is with me in mind. I couldn't have dreamed of a better person to share my life with and I am so very honored that he is willing to share his life with me.

~ My animals. I've always loved animals, but I didn't quite understand how strong the connection could be until I had pets of my very own. They are my babies. They sit and listen to me, let me cry on them, make me laugh. They purr in my ear and give wonderful head butts. They fill our little home with so much love and I couldn't imagine life without them.

~ My family. For many, many years now it's just been me, my sister, and my Mom. We've shared a house (I called it home before I had a home of my very own with the husband) with two other women who are very much like family. We made our own little tribe, so to speak, of loud mouthed women that don't take a lot of crap. My extended family on my Mom's side. I love them. We are a large German family that have practically been raised as brothers and sisters rather than cousins. We truly are one of a kind.

~ My home. As frustrating as it can be to own this house sometimes, it is my safe haven.

~ My friends...real and 'imaginary' (you know who you are). It's hard to find people that either have the same sort of crazy you do or that are willing to put up with your special kind of crazy. Thank y'all for 'getting' me or at least putting up with me. I would be insane (more so) without you.

~ My life. More and more, every day, I discover the woman I am meant to be..or at least the one I THINK I'm meant to be. I love the person that I am growing into, even if I do put my foot in my mouth a lot, or give too much advice, or over think things. I might not have it all together, but I am very...very blessed.

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