Monday, December 21, 2009's almost Christmas

Just in case you didn't already know..or maybe didn't notice. Christmas is this week, people! We have everything wrapped the bag....yeah, it's all taken care of. All the presents are sitting pretty under the tree. My sister has started toying with me by reminding me she has bought THE perfect gift for me. I have no clue what it is..and the only hint she has given (on her own, I did not ask) is music. Narrows it right down, doesn't it? But I can't wait until Friday to see what it is!

We had Christmas with my extended family this weekend. People were here from way, way out of town. It was a lot of fun but we are all getting old. The party was winding down by 9:15. I was catching people yawning left and right and we were home by 9:45. Wild and crazy, I tell you. The food was....ah-maz-ing. As gifts, my Grandma (and Aunt Bev) collected recipes from everyone and put them in a spiral-bond book. Everyone got one. Such a wonderful idea, and now I have the recipe for several of my favorites that I remember having while growing up. Like Buckeye balls. I didn't even know those things had a name..I always just called them chocolate covered peanut butter balls. OH MAH GAWD! It's like heaven in your mouth. I love those things..they are dangerously good.

My husband fell prey to my Grandmother's gag gift this year. Many years ago, he got some sort of service aware at the bank he was working at. He was able to pick it out of a catalog. He opted for a riding bike. It came in a box and had to be assembled. Well, I guess he didn't do a very good job at putting it all together because as he was riding it down our street the handle bars came right off. And he crashed. And dented the wheel rim. The bike was pretty much unridable after that and was never fixed. SO, this year my Grandma gave him a universal wrench, so he can keep things tightened up. lol. Ah, those are always so much matter who is getting it.

By the way..I'm working on getting a picture of me in my new red dress. Maybe tomorrow? I'll try.

We still have overtime at work. So, it still feels a little frantic once I get off work just because the sun is already setting and the dogs need walking and dinner needs making and if we have to run out for errands..well, forget about it. lol. There isn't time for much else after that. But I cannot complain about the extra money (Hawaii here I come...maybe...hopefully) and also...ONLY TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL VACATION!!! And then I will be off for 11 days straight. I can't wait.

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